OpenDeck S Y S T E M

An integrated roof system 


OpenDeck is an innovative construction solution that unifies all the stages of the building process.

A bold vision of its’ creators together with many years of experience of professional designers and contractors have led to creating an universal prefabrication system dedicated mainly to developing office, commercial and service spaces with underground car parks and complimentary living accommodations.



OpenDeck is more of a philosophy of building than just a mere psychical construction, a philosophy that is founded on a synergy of technical solutions. Each and every of its’ elements constitutes a base for the following one and the whole product conception is not limited to the construction process but is brought to life with this unique idea that lasts through a well-rounded design process and the long-term use of the building. That allows us to equip the investor with the time and money-saving universal device.



OpenDeck stands for an innovative patent-protected prefabrication system. However it is not the technical side of the product alone that makes for innovation but the biggest stress within the process is put on unifying craftily all of the main components of a building, starting from the framework of construction through the ventilation, heating and cooling systems, acoustics, wiring, lighting up to the visual aspects of the construction as well.


We comprehend the investors’ needs

OpenDeck was not designed just as a mere component of a building but as a whole living structure. The investors’ decision-making process is considerably facilitated as the outcome of such decision will not prevent other stages of building process from developing simultaneously. Usually one comes up with a project of a building and its’ end-users come along the way - very often after the building final acceptance - with their individual needs and expectations concerning final result. OpenDeck is the device giving you the possibility of staying constantly responsive and well equipped when such needs are voiced.


System’s characteristics

Opendeck system is an innovative construction solution functionally integrated with the interior design elements and all the installations characteristic to modern building. Engaging OpenDeck gives you the advantage over standard construction methods and systems enabling you to:


  • shorten the stage of design
  • enhance the precision and the product quality
  • shorten the length of the project realization
  • considerably lower the construction costs

Moreover the system is a cost-effective device that ensures a wide range of freedom in dividing the designed area and introducing other forms of arranging the space on every stage of the building process and without entailing considerable additional costs.




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